How we are keeping our guests and our staff healthy


We are doing many things to prevent the spread of Covid, to protect our guests and staff :

*We have gone to a digital menu to prevent cross contamination between guests. 

*We have designated people to touch dirty plates (bussers and hosts) and servers and food runners are only allowed to handle clean dishes to avoid cross contamination. *We have purchased special COVID sanitizer that kills the virus in two minutes vs the normal bleach solution that takes up to five minutes. This is what is used to clean tables and frequently touched surfaces. 



*We have removed salt and pepper shakers from the tables and have gone to single use ketchup packets instead of a bottle to reduce cross contamination.

*Our servers are not allowed to refill a glass unless they can do so by pouring and not touching. If they cannot do that they must bring a new glass as not to cross contaminate. 

* We will only conduct one payment transaction at a time if the party is not together so there is not cross contamination between guests. 

* Staff no longer spend extended time at the table - certainly less than the 10-30 minutes of continuous exposure that is take to spread COVID. 


*Lastly we promise that our staff is healthy. If or when one of us gets sick it is our promise to you, that we will close, sanitize and get the rest of the staff tested to ensure the safety of all.