Chanticleer Eatery's Thanksgiving offerings are much like the rest of the food offered ~ tasty, thoughtful, plentiful and of course, Food Worth Crowing About!!!


Thanksgiving Pre-Order Menu -

Please place orders no later than Friday, November 22nd. 

Pick-up Wednesday, November 27th 11-3pm

Please call the restaurant at 850-213-9065 to place your order or email us at


Pies - All 9inch

    Pecan $23      Fresh Roasted Pumpkin $20


Apple w/ Streusel Topping $18   Chanticleer Key Lime Mousse Pie$58 

(All awesome and from scratch - including the crusts we are taking no short cuts here! We promise you will taste the difference!)



Bread -

Beautiful house made oblong loaves.

gorgeous and tasty addition to your Thanksgiving spread. 


Rosemary Sage Oblong Loaf 

Fresh ground herbs and velvety flour make these loaves a great savory choice at Thanksgiving.

 Same bread recipe used in both Veggie Sandwich and Chanticleer Grilled Cheese $7 loaf    


Sweet Yeast Oblong Loaf 

Light and  fluffy sweet yeast bread that goes great

with a tablespoon or two of sweet fresh butter! $7 loaf




Cornbread Muffins 

These are the same sweet cornbread muffins we serve in house. Dozen $6





$58 ea-  8inch 


Double Dutch Chocolate Cake 

Rich cocoa make this double Dutch chocolate cake decadent from the start, then we add four layers of rich fresh made chocolate buttercream frosting. This is the cake that will wake chocolate lovers up in the middle of the night and send them straight to the fridge with a fork.


Red Velvet Cake 


This Southern Classic was one of our favorites as kids so we had to recreate it for the restaurant! It is darn hard to find good red velvet cake out and about! We use the same rich cocoa in our cake so the color is more crimson that bright red and we of course make it traditionally with luscious buttermilk and 4 layers of homemade cream cheese frosting and stack the sides high with pecans to finish it off.  


Carrot Cake

Three rich layers of spiced carrot cake that could stand alone if need be, but fret not, they are lovingly cradled by thick layers of sweet, but not too sweet cream cheese frosting . There are no pesky raisins in our carrot cake for those of you that either fear or love them. They are generally a carrot cake deal breaker depending on which raisin team you are on! There are pecan both inside of the cake and on the outside for those with tree nut allergies. 



(1/2dozen $7.50/ Full Dozen $15)

White Chocolate Coconut     Double Chocolate Chip

These really don't need an explanation if you have been to Chanticleer ~ and if you haven't,

well those that have would tell you it is a mistake to bring home anything from

Chanticleer Eatery if it doesn't include the cookies!



(1/2 pan will feed 12-15ppl)


Squash Casserole 1/2pan $37

This is my Grandma's recipe and it is requested at every family gathering in our family - it is a made with yellow squash, carrots, onions and love with a crunchy topping. and really that's all the description you are gonna get ~ not gonna share this family recipe!   


Sweet Potato Casserole 1/2 pan

$25 w/marshmallows or  $30w/pecan topping

Sandro takes sweet potatoes roasts and mashes them, adds a little of this and a little of that until they are perfect and a little bit spicy with roasted marshmallows on top or a candied pecan topping


Mashed Potatoes 1/2 pan $25

Butter doesn't just make the batter better, these taters receive special treatment with extra butter, cheese, roasted garlic and lots of love    


Cranberry Sauce pint(6-8ppl) $12

Housemade cranberry sauce, sweetened with oranges and pineapple, really you could just eat this on its own, but put it over your turkey if you must!


Baked Mac & Cheese 1/2 pan $35 

Loads of creamy cheddar with just a hint of smoke and garlic with a lightly toasted crumb topping. There's no Velveeta in this dish!!


All orders must be pre-paid or held with a credit card number. Cancellations may be made through noon on Monday, November 15th without penalty. In the instance of an unclaimed order, the credit card on file will be used to pay for the purchase and no refunds will be made.  

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