Curb Side Menu 11am-6pm Please call 850-213-9065 to place your orders!


 The Happy Tuna

Raw ahi tuna, quick marinated in soy, fresh ginger and pepper sauce topped with avocado and mango and topped with house made pickled cucumbers and red onions served with chips for scooping. 14


Chicken Bruschetta Flatbread

A take on one of our signature lunch sandwiches. This flatbread is loaded with grilled chicken, fresh made bruschetta, melted mozzarella cheese, house made garlic aioli and finished with a balsamic reduction. 12


Triple Pork Nachos

This is for true pork lovers! We start w/ freshly fried PORK SKINS, top those w/ house smoked PULLED PORK, add creamy queso blanco, tomatoes, jalapenos, BACON, sour cream sauce, our sweet whiskey BBQ sauce & green onions. 12 GF


Chanticleer Calamari

Fried calamaru topped with sauteed garlic, sweet red and banana peppers served

with a side of house made garlic dipping sauce and lemons. 13



 18oz Cowboy Cut Prime Ribeye 

This 18oz beautifully marbled bone-in Frenched prime ribeye is exactly what you are hoping for every

 time you order a steak. This gorgeously evenly marbled steak will surely leave your, "can't I just get a

 good steak?" craving satisfied! Comes with your choice of any two sides. 45 GF



14oz Ribeye 

While not as indulgent as the big cowboy this 14oz ribeye will make your day. We are really pleased to offer such a well marbled, superb prime cut ribeye. We take good care to grill this beauty to perfection and served it with your choice of any two sides. 38 GF


Pork Chops 

Two melt in your mouth, 8oz tender boneless chops, marinated with our secret rub and char grilled.

 Served with your choice of any two sides. 26 (or choose a half portion 21)



Smoky, spicy, shrimpy, meaty happiness in a bowl, served with freshly made toasted bread to help you

 soak up every last bit of goodness! 21 GFS


Shrimp & Grits 

You've most likely had shrimp & grits before, but these are absolutely worth crowing about!! Smoky,

 creamy cheddar grits w/ andouille sausage, topped w/ Creole shrimp, house smoked peppers & onions. 19 GFS


Pulled Pork Plate 

Your choice - of seriously good - spicy or regular Chanticleer really slow smoked, hand pulled pork

 served with a side of Carib mustard sauce and housemade BBQ sauce with baked beans, creamy

 coleslaw and sweet cornbread. 15 GF


Grilled Chicken w/ Cilantro Lime Rice 

Juicy grilled chicken, served over a bed of cilantro lime & black bean rice with sliced

 avocado. 19 GFS


 Not yo' Mama's Chicken & Rice 

Not yo Mama's chicken n' rice. This one has a kick to it, hand-pulled chicken, slow cooked w/ lots of  

 love, spices, corn & tomatoes served over yellow rice and topped with cheese. It's not pretty, but it sure is good eats! 17 


Krioyo Pasta  

(cree-yo-yo) Hearty penne pasta

  & the true coming together of deep Southern & rich Caribbean flavors w/ andouille sausage, grilled chicken, smoked peppers & onions, cream sauce & a bit of butter & garlic, topped w/ shaved parmesan. 21 /add shrimp 29


Roasted Veggie Pasta 

Roasted red onions, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, red peppers and bruschetta combined with cream sauce and tossed with penne pasta and shaved parmesan cheese. 21 /add grilled chicken 25/ add shrimp 29  V


All burgers are served on a fresh made toasted bun w/ lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickles w/ your choice of one regular side item. Substitute a cup of soup - 3 bowl- 6 

all burgers gluten friendly w/o bun BBQ burger contains soy

 Bacon Cheddar Guac Burger


10oz patty grilled & served atop fresh guacamole, Southwest ranch & topped with crispy bacon & melted


cheddar cheese. 15



Swiss Mushroom & Onion


10oz patty served atop housemade garlic aioli, topped with smoky mushroom and onions and melted


Swiss cheese. 14



Big Ol' Spicy Burger


10oz patty piled with pickled jalapenos, smoky mushrooms and onions, cheddar, queso blanco and guacamole.


Your gonna need some extra napkins for this one! 16



BBQ Burger


10oz patty served atop Carib mustard sauce, topped with melted cheddar cheese & our house smoked


pulled pork served with a side of our warm sweet whiskey BBQ sauce. 14  




Reuben Burger


10oz patty served atop 1000 island dressing, topped with sauerkraut & our house smoked



pastrami and melted swiss cheese. 17




Build Your Own Burger


Plain 10oz patty. 11 Choose your sauce- mayo, spicy Carib mustard, garlic aioli,  or Southwest ranch


$1 toppings - cheddar, swiss, provolone, bruschetta, bleu cheese crumbles, feta, guacamole, pickled jalapenos


$2 toppings - pulled pork, avocado, bacon & smoky mushrooms & onions


All sandwiches are served with your choice of one regular side.

Substitute a house salad $4 or cup of soup for $3 or make it a bowl of soup for $6 

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich 

Our Italian herbed roll toasted with garlic butter, filled with grilled chicken, garlic aioli, a generous portion of fresh-made bruschetta, topped with melted provolone cheese. 11


Chanticleer Grilled Cheese 

We start with our freshly baked rosemary sage bread, fill it with cheddar, provolone and mozzarella then finish it off with crispy bacon and bruschetta! 13


The Roast Beefy Sandwich 

Roast beef piled high on our freshly baked Italian herbed roll, with smoky mushrooms & onions and garlic aioli sauce topped w/ melted provolone & mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato and sliced red onions. 12


Pulled Pork Sandwich 

Low & slow is how we smoke our pork butts until juicy & tender. We hand pull them & serve it up to you on our housemade Chanticleer bun. Choose between regular w/ garlic aioli along w/ our sweet whiskey BBQ sauce or spicy w/ Carib mustard & our spicy BBQ sauce. 10 


Turkey Bacon Guacamole 

Served on our Italian herbed roll w/ turkey, guacamole, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Southwest ranch and melted cheddar cheese. 12


Club Sandwich

Our sweet toasted honey oatmeal bread, stacked with smoked ham, turkey and bacon then topped off with cheddar, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo. 12



Hand-sliced housemade pastrami smoked on site served on freshly baked farmhouse rye loaded w/ sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese & 1000 island dressing. 16 


Chicken Salad Sandwich 

Your choice of our toasted farmhouse white or honey oatmeal bread filled w/ savory all white meat chicken, w/ a hint of citrus & tossed in housemade dressing. 11


Plain Jane Grilled Cheese 

Farmhouse white bread w/melted cheddar, mozzarella and provolone cheese. 9 Add turkey or ham 13


Fresh & Spicy Southwest Salad 

Tender mixed greens, topped with diced grilled chicken, spicy house made black bean and corn salsa, mixed cheese and sliced avocado. Served w/ our Southwest ranch dressing. 12 sub fried chicken 15 GFS (not GFS w/ fried chicken)


Summer Salad

Mixed green piled high with juicy orange slices, strawberries, blueberries, sweet apples, red onions, gorgonzola cheese, and candied pecans. We suggest raspberry dressing or orange ginger w/ toasted sesame vinaigrette to finish your salad. 13 GFS/V


Roasted Garden Patch Salad 

Roasted red onions, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, red peppers & smoky mushrooms & onions served warm on a bed of cool mixed greens w/ heirloom grape tomatoes & goat cheese Served w/ feta black olive vinaigrette. 13 GFS/V

Cobb Salad

The classic Cobb ~ grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, mixed cheese and a housemade bleu cheese dressing. 14 sub fried chicken 17 GFS (not GFS w/ fried chicken)


House Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, bacon crumbles, 

shredded carrots and mixed cheese, with your choice of dressing. 10  GFS 



Southwest ranch, bleu cheese, feta black olive vinaigrette, 1000 island, raspberry citrus vinaigrette, orange sesame vinaigrette, spicy Carib honey mustard & fat-free Italian (extra dressing .50 each)



Salad Add-Ons

Sautéed Creole shrimp -9, fried chicken tenders -6, scoop chicken salad, chopped grilled chicken, sliced turkey or ham or pulled pork -4, bacon or avocado-3, hard-boiled egg -



Regular sides - pasta salad, baked beans, chips, cole slaw, baby carrots w/ bleu cheese dressing, smoked cheddar cheese grits or fries


Premium sides- Side house salad -6, roasted garlic dill smashed potatoes - cilantro lime rice - roasted veggies                                 with feta -$5, cup or bowl of tomato basil bisque $6/$10



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Rootbeer, Lemonade, Orange Fanta, Sweet or Unsweet Tea $3.25

Bottled Water - $1.75, Perrier -$3


From the Bar!

Signature Drinks

Pineapple Mojito

You've had a regular mojito and ours is great, but a pineapple mojito is special and so are you, so you should have one! Fresh lime, sugar, mint and pineapple muddled then shaken with rum to perfection. 11

 Chanticleer Peach Julep

Of course you know if we throw Chanticleer in front of a menu item you can count on a twist and there is no exception with our Peach Julep! This refreshing cocktail is perfect for a warm day when you want a light bright cocktail without the harsh bourbon burn! We make ours with woodford reserve Kentucky bourbon, peaches, mint and our house made sour. 12


 Bloody Mary

This is a judgement free zone, whether it is the start of your day or you just want to get some veggies in before the days end, a bloody mary is never the wrong answer. We make our bloody mary mix from scratch, just like   everything else and load it up with a bit of spice and roasted veggie goodness. 10


 Serious Chocolate Martini

This chocolate martini makes you glad you are old enough for this adult chocolate milk. Rich Godiva liqueurs and chocolate vodka with just a hint of heavy cream make this martini rich and velvety smooth. 10


New Fashioned

New take on an old classic - the sweet warmth of Knob Creek bourbon combined with vibrant fresh  lemons, limes, Florida oranges and Luxardo cherries, topped with a splash of ginger and Grand Marnier. 12


 Raspberry Limoncello Lemonade

Lemonade just like Grandma used to make - if you have a really cool Grandma! Sweet limoncello, with just the right amount of raspberry vodka to give this lemonade a kick - it is simply refreshing!  10


Traditional Brazilian caipirinha made with Leblon cachaça, lots of fresh lime and sugar. There is no mixer here just beautiful freshly squeezed lime juice muddled with sugar and shaken with cachaça This is a sipping drink made to be enjoyed slowly not one after another! 11


Sandro’s Frozen Pina Colada

Silky smooth pina colada made with influences from  Sandro's childhood home of Curacao. Light and spiced  Caribbean rums, loads of pineapple, coconut and creamy vanilla ice cream make this sometimes overly simplified cocktail into something truly special! 12



It begins with great ingredients - Don Julio Reposado tequila, our housemade sour mix, a splash of Florida orange juice for sweetness and a float of Grand Marnier to bring all the flavors together. 12






Bottled Beer

Grayton 1800 Founder's & Grayton Fish Whistle IPA -5


Budweiser, Bud Light & Michelob Ultra -4

Draft Beer

   Ask about our three rotating taps


 Local Brews -5

Grayton Brewing Company ~ SoWal

 30a Beach Blonde ABV 4.6% IBU 13




 Pensacola Brews -6

Pensacola Bay Brewery ~ Pensacola 

Sawgrass Pale Wheat ABV 4.2% IBU 32

Riptide Amber ABV 4.2% IBU 32  







Punti Ferrer

(Chile) 8/12/28


Michael Sullberg

California 10/15/36



Russian River Valley 13/18/46


Salexis (Napa) 22/33/77


Sauvignon Blanc



(Napa) 13/18/46



Pinot Grigio

Vero Italia

(Italy) 8/12/28


(Italy) 10/15/36



Teanum Rosato

(Italy) 8/12/28



(Italy) 10/15/36



Quadri Prosecco

(Italy) split


Francois Montand

Sparkling Rose      

(France) split 9


Santa Elvira Brut

(Italy) 28


Forget Brimont Champagne

(France) 68




Gewurztraminer &

Riesling blend (dry)

(Canada) 13/18/46





(California) 10/15/36


Valle Secreto

(Chile) 16/24/58


Eagle Eye Cabernet Franc               

(Napa) 22/33/77


Pinot Noir

Mac Murray

(Central Coast California) 13/18/46


Soter North Valley

(Willamette Valley) 10/15/36


Cakebread Reserve                  

(Anderson Valley) 22/33/77


Magnolia Blossom                       

(Russian River Valley) 26/38/96



Michael Sullberg

(California) 10/15/36



Pierola Roja 2004

(Spain) 16/24/58



Amphore 2016

(France) 16/24/58



Gran Tiati

(Italy) 22/33/77